To Radiate or to Shine… You Choose!

So for many weeks I have been thinking about the comparison of the words radiate and shine and how they relate to health and vitality.

First there was the word SHINE…

When you think about the word Shine doesn’t it sound nice? Like a shiny apple or even what a reflection looks like coming off of a newly waxed truck. However, the word shine, when I started to pick is apart started to seem a bit superficial. As if there were no light source to reflect, then the shiny surface would be…. Not so shiny!

Then came the thoughts about RADIATE…..

When you get into the word Radiate. Then you really have something pretty powerful. When you think of something that radiates you almost always picture the sun and the warmth that it sets forth from its center. When I think about radiating, I think about getting my inner core so fired up and whole that when my own personal energy comes off of me it is like a blast of pure energy. This transmission of health, vitality and love has to be nourished to allow it to burn brighter. When you nourish your mind, body and spirit you feed your inner core… Then you radiate!
These thoughts started me thinking about health and vitality and their impact on the human energy and spirit. Oh yes the leaps in my brain are very eventful. You see when I look at people I see energy. That is truly what we are, energy encased in the human form. We borrow energy from the earth for our lifetime and then we transfer it back to the earth when we pass.
As a Chiropractor I work on the subtle energies of the human body and make sure that they have the perfect capacity to allow the human body, mind and spirit to RADIATE! The Chiropractic adjustment is a divine act of realignment. Not just the realignment of the spinal segments, which restores proper function to muscles, organs, glands, etc.… But also the realignment of the human energy and spirit. Does this make people feel better? YOU BET! But my purpose is not to just make people feel better. My purpose is to help people RADIATE!!!!

Radiate Pure Energy- Love, Dr. C

What Inspires You?


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