Meet our Doctors

Dr. Celeste McLean is a Virginia Beach, Virginia native. An ocean lover, she knew when she finished her studies at Life University School of Chiropractic, in Atlanta, GA, that she would return to Virginia Beach to help inspire others in her community to Live Well. She was raised in a Chiropractic family with both of her parents practicing LightForce Chiropractic. After witnessing “miracles” in health happen on a regular basis she was inspired to become a chiropractor. Living a Chiropractic Lifestyle has allowed her to live such a high quality of life, that she constantly strives to share her true health care knowledge with her community. The Low-Force method of chiropractic that she uses is loved by all ages, from new born infants to centenarians. She is passionate about living every moment to the fullest and helping others to do the same.

Dr. Mark Haynes is dedicated to helping you live your highest quality of life possible.


Dr. Mark Haynes is an Ontario, Canada native.  Dr Haynes not only works with the Ghent Business Association but he has been a regular fixture at the spring and fall, Stockley Garden Art Shows for the past 10 years, helping them raise money for the Hope House Foundation. He is committed to spending time in his community through organizing educational health talks, corporate health fairs, and working with companies to reduce their healthcare costs. Dr. Haynes utilizes many corrective care techniques as well as Low-Force Chiropractic which all of his  patients love.

Discover your true health potential at Coastal Chiropractic.

Dr. McLean and Dr. Mark Haynes met  while they were in Life University School of Chiropractic. Persuading him to move to Virginia Beach instead of the great white north was not too difficult. The doctors started their Norfolk (Historic Ghent), Virginia Coastal Chiropractic office in 2000. The Virginia Beach (Oceanfront), Virginia office was opened shortly after in 2002. Dr. Mark works primarily out of the Ghent office, and Dr. McLean plays out of the Oceanfront office.

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