What is Next?

We visit the Farmers Markets in every city that we visit.


  1. Eat WellFind local sources of clean and wholesome foods. When you support small local farms and food artisans, you put your money and energy into a positive symbiotic cycle. This allows you to get higher quality nourishment grown in local dirt while supporting your community. It also reduces your carbon-footprint which is always a good idea. A good rule of thumb is, if you have ever seen it advertised, don’t eat it! Food that has an advertising budget has to try to trick you into eating it instead of just appealing to your natural senses, like a shiny red apple. Processed foods are fractured in their ability to serve your body. So start eating real food grown organically.
  2. Move WellAdaptation is the key to longevity. When you move your body in different ways, (Not just from the sofa, to the office chair, to the bed!) You increase your body’s ability to adapt to everything, stress included. Movement is key to your survival. The various ways that you can express your gift of motion can be explored in anything from yoga to ballroom dancing. Find whatever it is that makes you joyful and do it! Or just simply walk around the block! Whatever you do, do it now, and make it a regular ritual. Show your body how thankful you are to have the capacity of movement. When you exercise you reduce your stress hormones and increase your natural immunity, These are two key points to longevity and vitality.
  3. Think Well Humans have been given the greatest gift of all, the ability to imagine and wonder. The learning capacity of the human brain truly has no boundaries. If we decide that we want learn about or create anything, we can! The power of Intentional Thought is more powerful than most of us know. When we continuously think about anything, we manifest whatever we think about in our life. So if you are thinking about stressful things, you get more stressful things. (Or at least it seems like it because that is all that you are focused on.) And if you are concentrating on happy and abundant thoughts, then you create more happy and abundant events in your life. Try It! I think that you will like what you create. Try to meditate, pray or at least sit quietly and think only good thoughts for at least 10-15 minutes daily.

Eat Whole, Organic & Colorful foods from Nature.

We love to inspire health and vitality in our patients.
Come in and ask questions!
Two locations in Hampton Roads  to serve your family better!

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