Who Needs Chiropractic?


Quality of Life

Healthy Families Get Adjusted...

Many people think that the practice of Chiropractic is only for people who have pain. Even though Chiropractic has been proven to help alleviate back pain better and safer than other treatments, chiropractic has also proven to help increase sports performance, boost immunity and increase overall well-being in regular chiropractic patients. Did you know that only 10% of the nervous system can feel pain? What do you think that the other 90% does? Beat the heart, breathe the lungs, fight infection, grow fingernails….. & so much more!

So the next Question is who needs Chiropractic?

The best answer to this question really is, “Why would anyone want to live at less than their full potential?” When patients come into the office and finally  learn what Chiropractic is all about their next question is usually “When can I get my children checked for subluxations?”

Everyone who has a Nervous System (& yes, that is everyone) should have their spine checked for Vertebral Subluxations. The first subluxation is generally gotten during the birth process, and have you ever seen a child fall off the monkey bars? Everything from repetitive stress injuries to sports can create subluxations. And for those of us who happen to not eat perfectly, the stress on the body while it tries to make sense of a doughnut is tremendous. So what are you waiting for?

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Infants and Chiropractic

Every child deserves a CLEAR experience

Uncap your child's potential with Chiropractic

Have you ever witnessed the birth process? This is one of the most profound and pivotal experiences that a child will ever go through. When the natural expression of birth is observed the tremendous forces on both the infant and mother are truly awesome. With the increased occurrence of c-section, many other forces that are not so natural, can create massive subluxations in a newborn. We are passionate about making sure that infants are checked for subluxations as soon as they enter this world. LightForce Chiropractic is extremely gentle and safe for infants, children and adults. The Low-Force method of adjusting that is used at Coastal Chiropractic, requires no twisting or popping of the spine.

Children and Chiropractic

All children deserve a clear start
What are your dreams for your children?


As parents we always want what is the best for our children. When we allow them to grow and develop with the clear, perfect expression of their Innate Intelligence we give them the best. Throughout the normal stages of development, children often encounter physical, chemical and emotional stresses. Stress is the cause of the Vertebral Subluxation. When a child’s body is hindered by lack of proper neurological information the results are less than perfect function. Many common childhood ailments have been proven to benefit from chiropractic care. Our own child was checked for subluxations just minutes after her peaceful home-birth.

Adults and Chiropractic

Live Your Life to The Fullest


What does your perfect vision of health and vitality look like? For many adults the rigors of unhealthy food and poor activity choices have put a strain on their overall health. The consistent low and high levels of stress from everyday life, have created an epidemic of lifestyle diseases, that just seem to increase in percentage of people affected and severity of symptoms experienced every year. Chiropractic Care allows the human body, mind and spirit the ability to balance and reconnect to it’s rightful perfect health and vitality. Studies have shown that people under regular Chiropractic Care are healthier and have fewer sick days than their friends who were not under Chiropractic Care. They also had less prescription usage, less visits to medical doctors, less overall heatlh-care costs and had a higher overall sense of wellbeing.

How high should your quality of life be?

Activities should be enjoyed. Your life should be comfortable and vital. Everyone from centenarians to a new born baby deserves the highest possible quality of life. Chiropractic helps you add years to your life and life to your years.

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Pregnancy and Chiropractic


The miracle of life is something to be revered. When you are forming another human in your body it is necessary to eat nutritious foods, exercise, think relaxing and positive thoughts as well as rest. Another important and often overlooked piece of the puzzle to the over all perfect vitality of you and your child’s health, is a clear and properly functioning nervous system. The doctors at Coastal Chiropractic frequently adjust women throughout their pregnancy, and even have special adjusting and massage tables that accommodate the changing body of a pregnant woman. Give your child the best possible health with Chiropractic. We offers a “Baby’s First Visit” appointment at no charge for infants born to mothers who were patients during their pregnancy. This is our way of saying “Welcome to This World Little One.”

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