LightForce Chiropractic

The practice of Chiropractic is considered a combination of Science – Philosophy – & Art. Science is pretty much the same across the profession. Philosophy is something that greatly differs in the practice and application of Chiropractic. The Art is where the real juice is. The Art is the technique.

Every Chiropractor has a different method of adjusting the spine and extremities. It is as individual as a fingerprint or an impression. Each adjustment is performed on a specific person with a specific set of physical, mental and chemical circumstances (stressors). Each moment is different and should be treated as so. LightForce Chiropractic is a very gentle and specific method of realigning the spine so that the nerves may be free of interference.

 Many of our patients have commented that they, ” Really like that they can get adjusted without the cracking and twisting.”

LightForce Chiropractic is a very gentle and specific method of adjusting the spine and extremities to correct interference in the transmission of neural impulses. The adjustment is performed without the twisting and popping that many people associate with chiropractic adjustments. LightForce is great for everyone; but many people say that this technique is perfect for infants, children and elder spines, because of the gentle nature of the adjustment. LightForce is also sometimes thought of as low-force, non-force or just gentle chiropractic.

LightForce Chiropractic is safe and effective for everyone. Anyone from a newborn infant with reflux, to a child with behavior issues, to a marathon runner who wants to increase his speed, to a linebacker with a hangnail, all can benefit from LightForce Chiropractic Adjustments. Come in and see how gentle and effective specific chiropractic can be.

How healthy do you want to be?

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