Increasing Fertility

Infertility is an emotional roller-coaster for any couple experiencing trouble conceiving. Every month the heightened hopes and dreams of becoming parents can add even more stress to an already vulnerable and stressful time. Every month you await in hope to be pregnant and every month it becomes harder. For most of our lives we have been avoiding becoming pregnant and many women have been on contraceptive pills for extended years. When we decide to have a baby we realize that it is not always as easy as we had thought it would be.

The traditional medical approaches for infertility are infused with technologies, hormones, IVF, insemination, and the like. For couples in need these approaches can be costly, time consuming and should be used with caution. Natural ways to increase fertility   look at the causes of the fertility problem and not only work with the sperm and egg quality but also the whole body. The need for a healthy and vital mother’s body as well as father’s body is the most important aspect of conception. The egg and sperm produced today are nourished and strengthened from nutrition, health and intention from three months ago. So preconception care and holistic preparation can take at the bare minimum three months to create the the perfect environment for conception and carrying to term. Then, even if infertility technologies are needed, the results are far more promising.

Healthy people have increased likelihood of conception. That is why here at Coastal Chiropractic our goals are to help hopeful couples reach higher degrees of health, vitality and stress management.

            From Our Family to Yours – Coastal Chiropractic

Love is everything...

Love is everything…

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