Have You Brushed your Spine Today?

So we all know that we need to brush our teeth to keep them. But how many of you think about regular hygiene of your spine? And how long do you want to keep it?  In my practice I so often see people who have “taken care of” their external appearance to the extreme (i.e.~ They work out, do yoga, have implants, get Botox and butt fat shot into their face, have pretty clothes, drive nice cars, blah…. blah…. blah…) and have basically ignored the most important piece of being beautiful and whole!

Have you taken a moment to consider the health and vitality of your spine and the fantastic system that is housed in your spine (Nervous System)?

We all know that the brain controls the body… Right?

And we all know that the messages that control the body travel down the spine… Right?

So now that  we have clarity on these points how do you think your beautiful body works if there is a message that is either stopped or not clear? ~SUBLUXATION


  • LIVE WELL~To have proper hygiene of your spine it is very important that you first and foremost have proper alignment. Proper alignment allows for proper motion. Find a great Chiropractor and get your spine lined up!
  • MOVE WELL~Movement is the next key to proper spinal hygiene. Get outside and move your body… Sweat, Breathe, Smile, Wiggle.
  • EAT WELL~Nutrients are so important your beautiful body! Eat WHOLE, CLEAN~(no pesticides), REAL~(not processed),FOOD!!!
  • SLEEP WELL~Sleep is necessary for proper spinal hygiene. When you sleep all of the nutrients and moisture revitalize your spine and nervous system. Please get a great bed and sleep 6-10 hours a day.
  • THINK WELL~ What the mind conceives the body believes. What do you program your cells with? I spend a lot of time thinking nice thoughts to myself, you should try it!
  • LOVE WELL~ Express love  with every fiber of your being, this is paramount to the human experience!

These points will be covered in more detail but this is a good place to start. If you have questions…. Ask them! As always I am happy and willing to share with you whatever I have that will help you be better, more healthy, and more capable of expressing your perfect self. All you have to do, is all the work!

Laugh Out Loud, Dance Like No One is Watching, & Breathe~ Love, Dr. C


How long do you think he can live like this?


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