Autism & Chiropractic….

My very first patient was a young autistic boy named ‘Ethan’. His mother brought him in to me because she had heard that chiropractic could help her son. She had also heard that the method of adjusting that I use was gentle and there was no twisting and cracking. ( Lightforce Chiropractic was pioneered by my parents, and the gentle low-force adjustments are loved by patients of all ages.) On Ethan’s first visit his mother proceeded to tell me that with the stress of having an Autistic son, her family had fractured, and her older daughter was constantly acting out so that she may get a sliver of attention from her parents. She also explained that her son would often jump off of furniture to feel the ‘ air currents’ in a room.

When I adjusted him for the first time he fell asleep on the adjusting table for 30 minutes. When he came back for his second adjustment his mother seemed very happy and I asked her how he did after his adjustment. She procedded to tell me that he had watched a half hour show on the T.V. and this is something that he had never done! Previously his maximum attention span was about 10 seconds. We continued chiropractic adjustments 3 times a week for the next few months.


Four months later he main streamed into normal classes!!!

His mother and older sister were now also getting adjusted and the family was happier and more balanced than it had ever been!

  • Do I think that had he been adjusted from birth that his parents could have still been together? Maybe…
  • Do I think that his family is now better? Definitely….
  • Do you think that Chiropractic is about BACK PAIN? ……….
  • Ethan did not have back pain he had a SUBLUXATION!!!! This was hindering his ability to interact and react to his world!

Do you think that you are worthy of clarity? If so, go to a good chiropractor and GET ADJUSTED!!!

Stop jumping off of the furniture!~ Love, Dr. C

This is a testimonial from a colleague~


Children should be checked for subluxations the moment that they enter this world!

Here is a link to the evaluation checklist.

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