Vitalistic or Mechanistic…. You Choose!!!

Vitalistic or Mechanistic…. You Choose!!!

I was thinking about Chiropractic Care and Cold Laser Healing the other day and the most interesting compare and contrast thoughts kept running through my head. Yes, you may think it’s funny that these are the pervading thoughts in my head, but I just love this stuff!!!

I was thinking about VITALISTIC Healing Principles as opposed to MECHANISTIC Healing Principles.

If you look at the definition of VITALISM-(‘the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force (GOD) or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces’) the words INNATE INTELLIGENCE comes to mind.

If you look at the definition of MECHANISM-(‘ The doctrine that all natural phenomena, including life and thought, allow mechanical explanation by physics and chemistry.’) A bit linear and flat world, don’t you think?

Most medical practice and some Chiropractors approach the body and health care from a mechanistic standpoint. As the state of our HealthCare?!?! in the U.S. demonstrates this mechanistic approach is not quite cutting it. (Pun was intended!)

In our offices our approach of Chiropractic is vitalistic. With our LightForce Chiropractic Care we are able to adjust all areas of the spine and exremities with a gentle and non-twisting tecnique. This gentle care allows us to care for each and every patient in the manner which will serve him or her the best. With consistent pure nervous system balance the human body and spirit can not only accelerate in physical endeavors; but also find connection to divine grace and balance with perfect ease.

We also use Cold Laser Healing with the same vitalistic principles. Our Universal Longevity Protocol is a whole body immune boost and healing series of Cold Laser treatments. When coupled with any other Cold Laser healing protocols Universal has a tremendous positive effect on spinal stability and whole body healing on a cellular level.


Approaching your health with a VITALISTIC vision will not only allow you to make better and more healthy decisions; but it will also take you to the high levels of VITALITY and COMFORT that your body deserves.


This was written by Dr. B.J. Palmer (Developer of Chiropractic) in 1961

” The more practical and working chiropractic philosophy, science and art will eventually, given time for our adherents to multiply into its broader understanding, in its application to mankind, it will take root into a master evolution of a greater vision of service to mankind in all his ways of living”



Honor Your Inner Teacher- Love & Light, Dr. C


Shine On….

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