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'The Art of Living Well'

Live Well

As a peaceful health warrior I am always trying to guide others along the path of better and more vital living. I was fortunately raised in an environment that engrained knowledge of whole living from a very young age. When I was growing up however others thought that we were odd. Eating whole food and keeping our bodies in proper alignment, so that we did not have to go to the fear based-pain management side of quasi health care seemed strange to others. This upbringing has served me in my deep core knowledge of where true health comes from. Are you wondering where?
That is right ladies and gentlemen every expression of every cell, breath, movement, heart beat, eye blink,( I could go on for a long time.) all happens from the inside out.
What I witness in our society is that many, if not most people approach their bodies from the outside in.
To make themselves beautiful, they slather on the makeup instead of eating fabulous colorful food that would create beauty from the inside out.
To take away pain or organ dysfunction, they medicate themselves senseless instead of finding and correcting the cause of their problem. (Subluxations)
To lose weight, they either starve themselves or cut off part of their stomach, instead of eating less and exercising more.
To take away stress they again drug themselves senseless, which in turn never lets them adapt to their stressors. Adaptation is the key to longevity.
When you keep your spine in proper alignment the expression of perfect health and vitality is effortless. Your perfect electrical system (Nervous System) is in constant communication with every cell in your body, regulating everything from growing a child to blinking your eyes. If you have an interference in this electrical system do you think your body works BETTER?….. or WORSE?

I initially writing this because I wanted to share a big win on my love of colorful food. You see how I digress into my love of VITALITY THROUGH CLARITY. I will still share my colorful win.
For years I have been trying to convince my sweet Canadian better half how amazing beets are. Well he always said that they taste like ‘dirt’. I must LOVE dirt because I just can’t get enough beets. My sheer determination has paid off. The other night I made spiralized beet salad and he begrudgingly tried it….. and he liked it!!!!! And he ate more!!!! I WIN!!! My sweet victory is a bit silly to most but to share my love of beets just makes me happy!

Beet Lovers Unite- Love & Color, Dr. C

Spirialized Beet Salad

2-3 Beautiful Beets- Spirialized
4-6 Dinosaur Kale julianed
1/2 tsp. Shallot finely minced
1/4 c. Parsley- Flat leaf, chopped (I add parsley to everything.)
Rice wine vinegar 2(ish) tsp.
Olive oil 3-4(ish) tsp.
Grainy mustard 1(ish) tsp.
Raw honey (just a bit)

Mix the condiments together then add the colorful veggies….. ENJOY!!!

Vibration= Tone= Color= Frequency= Life!!!

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