Food Really Does Matter…

Alway come from your Heart!

So the other day we had a bunch of kids from the neighborhood cycling through our yard . All of the kids were playing and running around like crazy early spring chickens. They were having a blast. As we were outside in the yard the whole time, I had a chance to witness what one of the children continued to eat. She went home and got some sort of junk food 4 times over the few hours that we were outside. Then she brought it into our yard and proceeded to eat it in front of the younger kids. I think that this is where a big problem really starts!!! My child has never even seen some of these things. This child is not obese or unhealthy looking ; but she is certainly on her way…. These food-like substances were lovingly bought by her parents with the intent of nourishment and love. There was negative nutritional value in them and this will cause her little body to have a lack of capacity to grow and fight off bugs. This is not what was intended by her parents!!!

Why do you think that our children are the first generation of kids who are destined to live shorter lives than their parents? Because they are fed crud!!!

I see children in our offices who are sick and lack the ability to hold their spinal integrity and fight off bugs because they eat crap! This is why I am constantly trying to educate the public about how to eat well. Because I care!

Here is a list of her food-like substances. This is only what I saw over 2 hours.

  • 1 diet soda
  • 1 ice-cream
  • 2 prepackaged muffin-like substances
  • food coloring popsicle

Live Well, Love Well, Be Well – Dr. C

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