Your Connection to God….

Be inspired by some greater purpose....


” If God is in man as the personification of the intelligence pervading all creation, and if the nervous system allows for that expression to occur, then the Chiropractic Adjustment becomes the means for that expression to materialize, and thus the Chiropractor is as a spiritual midwife to the inner essence that is at the heart of all meaning and truth in the universe. If the adjustment is the way for humans to get closer to God, then the Chiropractor performs a sacred rite. “

This statement struck me as so perfectly clean and clear. My purpose as a Chiropractor is to connect man the physical to man the spiritual. This act is call the Chiropractic Adjustment. When this re-connection is performed, amazing and wonderful events occur. I have the honor to witness miracles in action. Yes, the human expression of life and health is a miracle! Do you think that this is all about back-pain?…… Not likely!

Thank you for your miracle. Do something profound with it!

Love & Connection – Dr. C

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