Soaking Up the Experience

“When I stop speeding through life, I find the joy in each day’s doings, in the life that cannot be bought, but only discovered, created, savored, and lived.”

Love is a beautiful thing

This quote really made me sit and think. Over the past 6 months this has been what I have been doing. After the birth of our second daughter I have really been soaking up the experience of motherhood. I feel like the second time around has allowed me to concentrate on the subtle nuances of the moments. The smell of her hair, the touch of her hand, the look in her eye when she makes a connection. All of these images are creating fast impressions on my soul in a manner that my first foray in to motherhood just couldn’t seem to grasp.

With my first child the newness of it all was daunting. Instead of being who I was before her birth I was now none of those things. My roles of wife, artist, chiropractor, nature lover had all been turned on their heads. This time I realize that the sweetness of it allows you to grow in ways that you can never imagine. And this is a good thing. I also realize that you do in fact get yourself back. Which is a comforting thing. You just get yourself back with a huge heart and a way more evolved soul.

                               Love & LightForce – Dr. C

Bask in the moment...

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