Kale & Avocado Caesar Salad, Gluten-Free

Organic fresh kale just happens to be one of my favorite foods. So when I had the idea to make a caesar salad with it I got a bit giddy. And the end result is so amazing that I just had to share it! The really neat thing is that the kale just seems to melt into the freshly made dressing. Oh yes…. and the avocados are just pure magic! Who would have thought?! Avocado croutons….. Yum!!!

 Organic Kale Caesar

  • 2 anchovy filets
  • 1 egg yolk (organic & free of course!)
  • 1-2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1-2 T total mustard both smooth and grainy
  • 3-4 splashes Worcestershire sauce
  • grind of fresh pepper
  • 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of olive oil added slowly while whisking
  • Kale fresh & organic, torn into bite size pieces
  • Romaine a small amount just for color & traditional texture & crunch
  • Avocado cut into crouton size pieces
  • Parmesan

I use a wooden bowl. Mush anchovies into a paste with the back of a fork. Add egg yolk and lemon juice blend together. Add next 4 ingredients and blend together. Olive oil should then be added slowly while whisking so that the dressing becomes emulsified.

Toss kale & Romain to coat leaves. Next add parmesan and avocado. Toss and enjoy!

Love & Organic Veggies – Dr. C

Wheatgrass makes you beautiful. Coastal Chiropractic- Focus on Health

Wheatgrass makes you beautiful. Coastal Chiropractic- Focus on Health

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