Lamb burger salad

I made the most delicious lamb burgers the other day. The recipe was inspired by our local restaurant Stockpot’s lamb burger salad.

Pregame= heat oven to 350’ and place a small package of organic cherry tomatoes on a lined cookie sheet. Cook until soft and sweet. Let cool

1 lb ground lamb
2-3 T fresh chopped oregano
Himalayan salt 1/4 tsp
Fresh pepper 1/4 tsp
1/3 Lemon juiced
1/4 cup crumbled sheep milk feta

Mix together by hand and form into four paddies. I used a cast iron grill pan to cook, but a grill would work well also. Cook to desired doneness.

Prepare mixed greens in a low bowl or on a plate. Add tomatoes and cooked burger. Top with ranch or ranch and Greek dressing blend.

Tell me how you like it. ❤️

Love, C

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ps… I just signed up for Neighborhood Harvest (weekly local greens and fresh food delivery) and had delicious bib lettuce waiting at my door when I got home yesterday so that’s what I used 🌱… it was delicious.

Here is a discount code to get started with them if you are local to Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads : BZ19

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