Beard Balm DIY

With all the weird chemicals that are in most store bought products I like to vet all my products or make most of my body care products myself so I know what is going on my skin and into my body. I made this beard balm a few years ago for my little brother who looks like he has a small furry animal living on his face. (Kidding…. kinda….. ha) He is usually pretty low maintenance so when he made it a point to let me know how much he loved it, I knew I was onto something pretty special. I got these great glass containers to create gifts for a few other friends as well. This base can be used with any combo of oils but this is a really nice manly and grounding blend.

Beard balm
3 T coconut oil
1 T shea butter
1 tsp coco butter
8 drops Cedarwood
6 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
5 drops Sacred Frankincense

Grab your oils here

Melt base together remove from heat & add essential oils …pour into glass and wrap with a bow.

Love, C


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