Breathe Deeply….

Today is one of those beautiful winter days that nature has gifted us with warmth. I opened the door this morning and the air is warm, sweet and moist. So what did I do? I ran around my house and opened all of the windows and doors to let that sweet, fresh salty air into my  morning experience.

When is the last time that you opened your windows? When is the last time that you focused on your breath? I have been incorporating breathing techniques into my daily yoga practice. And do you know what I have found? I have a wellspring of new found energy and expansion.

The simple technique of breathing in to the count of 3 & breathing out to the count of 5. Can bring your mind and body from a stressed state to a calm and more balanced state in just 10-20 conscious breaths. Try it, I think that you will like it. What a great way to deal with anything that may trip your stress meter.

Stress is the leading cause of most of the health problems that people face. Whether it is PHYSICAL,CHEMICAL, or EMOTIONAL STRESS you have the power to change how you respond to your stressors. A clear and healthy Nervous System helps your body adapt to your stressors perfectly. Get adjusted & take back control of your perfect body.

Love, Light & Breath- Dr. C

Where does Nature end, and You begin?

“Air is a physical substance; it embraces us so intimately that it is hard to say where we leave off and air begins. Inside as well as outside we are minutely designed for the central activity of our existence- drawing the atmosphere into the center of our being, deep into the moist, delicate membranous labyrinth within our chests, and putting it to use.”

– Suzuki

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