SuperBowl… Chiropractic Perfection

Did you know that Aaron Rodgers father is a Chiropractor? In case some of you do not know, Aaron Rodgers happens to be GreenBay’s quarterback. He was also named SuperBowl XLV, MVP. As someone who loves Favre and was pretty cautious about embracing a replacement for a man who just makes you proud to be a football lover. I am happy to say Rodgers ROCKS!!!! When I found out that his father is a Chiropractor and has been adjusting him for all of his life it all just made sense. I knew that this man had to be tremendous to fill the HUGE shoes the Favre had left in Green Bay. Now I know why!!!!
He has been clear of interference in his INNATE EXPRESSION for his whole life.
And yet you ask can CHIROPRACTIC cure my back pain…. Oh but grasshopper, it can DO SO MUCH MORE!!!!

I Love Cheese- Love & Clarity, Dr. C

What do you want to achieve?..... GREATNESS!!!!


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