I Love Dirt……

How Grounded are You?

How Grounded Are You?

So as many of you may have figured out by now……… I LOVE CLEAN ORGANIC DIRT!!!! My love of dirt has been growing over the years. In every home that we have moved into, I have created explosions of organic color and taste where previously there were none. I started out as a teenager growing flowers in pots. Then I created my very first composte pile. Oh the Joy! When I found the joy of composte is when My love of dirt really took off.

You see our soil is our ‘FOUNDATION’. Our earth is the birthplace of our species.  When I started to figure out these pivotal facts, I developed a much greater reverence for Mother Earth. We are  made from the same elements as DIRT. So where do you think that we start and dirt begins? HINT- It is a lot closer than you think. We are essentially Earthenware.

As Botanist Martha Crouch relates, our relationship with food is the most intimate of all the connections we have with other beings.Yes Intimate! Every part of our bodies are created by the foods that we put into our mouthes and actually incorporate into our cells. We are constructed out of the building blocks absorbed  from the carcasses of other lifeforms. Yummy thought…. Where do you think that this food comes from? Hopefully not a package!

The earth, soil, dirt, ground & land that feeds us is a “living skin”. Our eventual bodies are not only made from the dirt that we walk on, but we have borrowed this elemental mass of cells for a limited time. And eventually we will also return to the earth. So how do you think you should tread on the EARTH? For myself I practice walking and living with soft footsteps and lots of grace. Try it I think that you will like it.

Go outside and hug some dirt. I promise it will feel good. Find sources of local and wholesome produce. Because food grown in your soil is just higher in vibration than food that has been smashed, smothered, fractured , and transported for thousands of miles.

Grow A Flower- Love & Light, Dr. C

Watch this movie. NetFlix instant!!!

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