Stress Much?

“The Constant of Life, Health, Morality and Law is that God enters man in the form of INNATE INTELLIGENCE, passes through the spinal cord, ramifying to all parts of the body in the form of mental impulses. When they reach organs there will be HEALTH, LAW, MORAL ABIDING- that is our message. That fact is true! – & it is demonstrable- then the Chiropractor is working according to (Universal) law when he adjusts the SUBLUXATION.”

– B. J. Palmer

So my constant and persistent question for you is…. Why on earth are you trying to mess with the Universal Laws?

▪   When you medicate…. You might as well say “What ever POWER put us here must have gotten it all wrong and forgotten to put numerous medications in our blood!”

▪   When you eat processed foods… You might as well say ” Food from Mother Earth is just not good enough. I think that I will add some funky chemicals to grow it and process it because I know better than Universal POWER.”

▪   When you don’t move your body…. You might as well be saying ” I can just sit here and rot in my body & when I have a funky rotten body I will just get parts cut out, because I know better than the POWER THAT MADE THE BODY!”

▪   When you don’t get your Nervous System CLEAR…. You might as well be saying ” All those silly nerve impulses should just stay locked in their sludge patterns (SUBLUXATIONS) because I can run just fine on 1/10th of the nerve impulses that are generated in my BRAIN!

Guess what……. You are NOT smarter than GOD!!!!!


Get Off the Drugs, Stop Eating Crap & Move Your Beautiful Body!!!- Love, Dr. C

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