You Are in Control…..

Health is not given to us; it is created by us.

The epression of health or lack of health in your body is a direct result of how you have triggered your genes throughout your life. The study of epigenetics tells us that through our lifestyle choices, not our family tree, we create our health destiny. So if you smoke and your grandmother passed away from lung cancer, yes you may obtain the same fate as her if you keep up your current lifestyle choices. But on the same thought if you decide to not trigger the same genes as her, with your decision to do cardiovascular exercise instead. You will not trigger the lung cells to manifest illness.


Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? To know that you are the one in control of your genetic heritage and destiny is amazingly powerful, and also a bit frightening. This means that it is time to start taking personal responsibility for all of your  lifestyle choices. It also means that you can no longer blame bad genes for your health consequences. Do you create health or sickness with your choices?

If you are deficient in any one if these categories then you are triggering the genes that will create dis-ease. Find your balance and create your body out of clean, clear perfect intention.

Love & Vitality – Dr. C

When you look in your grocery cart what do you see? Color, health, vitality, nourishment, power....

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