Bring it Back to Balance

When I was a child, I had the great fortune of having chiropractors as parents. This meant that I was raised with perfect expression of innate intelligence coursing through my little body at all times. The worst part of it for me was that I never got a day off of school.

What if Albert Einstein was on Ritalin?

Was I ever sick? Not often, and when I was my body was strong and capable of healing itself swiftly and competently.

Did I ever get a fever? You bet! A fever is one of the beautiful expressions of a healthy body. When a foreign microbe is attacking, the raised temperature cooks it, then you sweat it out.

Did I ever take medicine or prescriptions? Never! Most medicines and prescriptions are designed to trick a body into changing its symptoms; not allowing it to recognize and deal with the perfect clues that innate intelligence is revealing to it. When a symptom is present a better approach would be to ask “Why?” is it here and what needs to be done to the body to bring it back to balance. Not “That’s annoying, I’ll just drug the sense out of myself so that I can’t feel it.”

So why are you leaving your children at home instead of bringing them to the chiropractor? Do you want them to reach their full potential? Do you want them to be healthy, wise & infinitely wonderful? Do they understand that their body (not medicine) heals itself? If they understood this would they raise their own children with belief in their body’s infinite capacity?

Life With Full Capacity Rocks! – Love, Dr. C

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