Do You Feel Younger Than You Are?…

Did you know that how you age depends 90% on your lifestyle and 10% on your genes? Do you know what this means? This means that if you take rock’in good care of yourself throughout your whole life, that the reality that your are doomed to the same fate as your parents or their parents has no power over you! Pretty cool isn’t it?!?!

Happy families live longer!

How do you override this? Start by having the clearest neurological expression humanly possible! Otherwise known as get to your Chiropractor and get adjusted!!! In our offices we not only use, what I feel is most gentle and effective method of adjusting the spine and extremities, LIGHTFORCE CHIROPRACTIC, but we also combine Cold-Laser Accelerated Healing and Massage in our care plans to help your body come back to balance and vitality swiftly and effectivly.

Next, Eat clean, real foods! The closer that you eat foods to the way that they are produced from nature, the better. This means either grow your own, or find an amazing source of organic meats and produce. Do NOT depend on food companies to have your best health in their interest! Everyone has heard to only shop in the outside of the grocery store right? This is because these are where the foods are that actually have little shelf life. Which means…. NUTRIENTS!!!

Next, Move your body! We were born to move. Our bodies are marvels of perfect engineering! The more that you challenge and stretch your athletic boundaries, the more your body will respond by showing you how fabulous that you are. So do something that pushes your physical limitations, you may just surprise yourself!

But wait there is more! Smile often….. Countless studies have shown that happy people live longer! Spend time with people who make you a better person. Watch silly things that make you giggle. Love with all of your heart. And remember to sieze each and every moment and try to make it better, not only for yourself but for everyone in your world. Simple acts of kindness witnessed by a complete stranger increases their serotonin and yours. So you actually make their and your life longer and happier…… So Sweet!!!

Oh yes, and don’t forget to rest. For all of your efforts in your life there has to be BALANCE!!! Make sure that you sleep well, take vacations, sit still, nap whatever it takes to bring your body, soul and mind back to quiet balance.

One last thing, only do things to yourself that you know are good for you. Example – One glass of wine is good, 5= Not so good. One small bowl of dessert is good, the whole carton of ice-cream = Not so good. You get the picture. Remember that you are not only living in the moment but for many moments to come so take good care of your gift of a body and it will return the favor for many years to come.

Live Well Today – Love & LightForce, Dr. C

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