Birth Without Fear

Yes, that is a cervical pillow.

As many of you know I am an advocate of birth done right. What that means for every birthing woman is completely different. I believe in empowering women and families through education and support. One of the worst things that has happened to pregnancy and birth in our country is that it has been turned into a 9 month disease with a ‘medical event or trauma’ at the end. I believe that this is the furthest thing from the truth. I believe that pregnancy and birth are miracles. To be able to make another human out of love, and nourish that love for 40 weeks until the perfect moment and circumstances allow for that perfect new being to be born into this world is nothing less than a MIRACLE!!!

That being said I would like to share my the birth story with you. It will not be too graphic so open your mind to ‘Birth Without Fear’.

Surround Yourself with Family

I would like to start by letting you know that I was born at home and so were my siblings. I was raised by my amazing parents with the knowledge that I and my body are capable of anything. And this is why I have chosen to have my children at home. You see, my home is where I feel the most at peace and safest.

My first birth was fantastic and empowering. It showed me how truly powerful I am. It was long (27 hours) and amazing. Did I need support? Absolutely! My amazing husband and family were there for the whole thing and they allowed me the space and support to have a wonderful and powerful birth experience. Our first daughter was brought into this world in a peaceful and loving environment that I feel was just perfect.

Our second daughter was brought into this world October 26th 2011 in the early hours of the morning. My water broke while I was sleeping and it let me know that the time had come to have this sweet baby that I had been carrying around for the last 40 weeks. Immediately I noticed small contractions, but knew that it would be a good idea to get some sleep because my first labor had been so long, I may need it. I thought that I would have plenty of time to have a baby after some rest. Ha!

After about 2 hours of fairly consistent contractions about 5 minutes apart I looked at Mark and asked him to adjust my spine. And, YES it is a great thing to be married to a Chiropractor! So we went downstairs to our home adjusting table and he checked and adjusted my spine and pelvis. Right at the end of the adjustment I had a contraction that really got my attention. So we went back upstairs, by way of the kitchen, because I was hungry. From the time after I got adjusted to the end of my labor my contractions stayed 2 minutes or closer apart and intense.

While we were in the kitchen I asked him if he had called the midwives. He had not because before the adjustment we had not needed them yet. So he called them and they got on their way. I also asked him to fill the birth tub. Well, while he was trying to do that I realized that we probably did not have enough time to fill it before the baby came. So I got him to just fill our tub instead. From the time that I got into the tub to the time that our newest daughter was born was about 40 minutes. The midwives got there just in time to help her shoulders and beautiful body be born.

The total length of my labor was 3.5 hours and I pushed 2 times. Our second daughter was born in a beautiful and magic experience that I can only describe as MAGNIFICENT! She was checked and adjusted about 20 minutes after she was born, because it is vital to have a clear and perfect spine and nervous system, so that all life experiences may be expressed perfectly. I was also checked and adjusted soon after that. The birth process is infinitely powerful and making sure that both of us were clear after that was paramount!

The reasons that I believe her birth was as amazing as it was is…

  1. Knowledge – Know that you can do anything. Also educate yourself. If you want health, educate yourself where health comes from. If you want a natural home birth, educate yourself how to do that.
  2. Support – My support for my birth was solid. I had Dr. Mark, my midwives Seven Cities Midwifery, my parents and my own clear innate knowledge.
  3. Chiropractic – Every woman should have perfect spinal alignment before conception, throughout her pregnancy and during labor. I know that when I got adjusted during my labor, it allowed for my body to work perfectly, to have a swift and amazing birth.
  4. Love – Love is everything!

'Set Your Intention' for a perfect birth. I did....

Know That You Are Capable of Anything – Love & Light, Dr. C

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