Who’s Health is The Most Important?

The question is… Who’s health and wellbeing is the most important?

I ask this question to everyone. Is it you? Is it your children? Is it your mate? Who is it?

Sweetness comes in all different sizes.

My answer is yes… yes… yes… First and foremost it is myelf. Because if I am healthy and vital not only do I have infinite capacity to nurture and love my world. But I also can share my gifts with everyone, and love with wild abandon. I can lead my children by example into a life and existence of grace, health and service. I can love my partner with every ounce of my soul. Which not only makes him feel loved but it also supports him in reaching his dreams. He feels at peace in his home-life and love-life so then he has more capacity to love, teach and serve others. (Because that is what this is all about… w/ a Canadian inflection). All the while my children model on my behavior. Which lets them grow up happy,  healthy and well cared for. In the long run this creates an existence of grace that will bring our world up and create a stewardship of infinite capacity.

Because we all know that children have infinite capacity.

How about you? What do you want to see? How do you want to feel? How do you want your children to see and feel the world? How about your mate?

Infinite Potential

These are the tough questions. How do you love? What do you eat? Are you moving your body? Do you smile a lot? Do you get adjusted? How about your children? Or your mate?

When we show our true intentions to Spirit… Spirit always hands us a mirror and reflects them right back at us.

So… How are you looking?

As Always Love & Light – Dr. C

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We are dedicated to helping people achieve their most healthy and vital potential.
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