So What is Your Innate Diet?

This is a very good question. I have been knocking this around in my head for many years. The other morning I feel like I came to an interesting answer, that I wanted to share with all of you.

I believe that our innate diet is whatever our particular fore bearers ate throughout many generations.

  • What did they eat in periods of surplus?
  • What did they eat in periods of famine?
  • How did that help their body adapt and grow?
  • How is that different from our neighbors or our good friends that we do lunch with?

Our global community has created a global marketplace that confuses the common eater. Gone are the regional foods that our bodies have adapted to over millions of years.

Our ability to travel and find mates from far away lands has created new and amazing beings (you & I) who NO longer only have access to certain foods.

This brings me back to… What is your perfect INNATE DIET?

Yes, figs are one of my perfect foods!

I think that each one of us has very specific nutritional needs that if they are not met, then the level of health and vitality in the being is compromised. So how do you figure out what your perfect diet is? You do some research, you find out where your BODY is from in a regional sense. And then you find out what those peoples have eaten for thousands of years. Through famine and abundance… How they prepare their foods and how they celebrate and connect with their sustenance. How their family units rejoice in accepting stored solar energy into their bodies. (That really is what food is)

And that is what you eat……. Taaaaa Daaaaaa!!!!

It is when you start to supply your perfect cells with the specific nutrients that they need that your body will then begin to shine and express its INNATE GREATNESS!

Oh yes, and then there is the Essential Movement Requirements that your body needs also…. But that is another post…..

Love & Organic Veggies – Dr. C

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