It’s all in the LENS

While practicing yoga on the dune the other day I looked up in the sky at the clouds and was struck by an interesting thought. (I love clouds)  The fact that there are always rainbows in the sky but we have to view them through a lens of rain drops. This lens allows us to see the pure range of colors and beauty. What if we did not have a lens to view it? We could never see & experience the beauty….. Pretty cool right?

The Lens of Wonder…

So this thought has been knocking around in my head for a few days and then it started to take on another shape…. How about the lenses that you and I view the world around us with? What do yours allow you to see and feel? For the most part I try to keep my lenses pure and expansive. Joy, happiness, love, compassion, balance, relaxation, strength, and clarity are a few of my favorites.

How about you? What are the colors your lenses? How do they allow you to view the world around you? Do you realize that you can change your perceptions of reality by just simply changing the lens that you are viewing with? This energetically will change your outcomes.

How can you change your lenses?

  • Meditate, Pray, Connect with your Creator
  • Move and Breathe with Intention
  • Celebrate & Prepare your Whole Foods with LOVE
  • Be Thankful… Even for the Smallest Things
  • Learn Something New & Share It with Others
  • Slow Down
  • Sleep Soundly
  • Smile & Make Eye Contact
  • Connect with Friends & Like Minded Beings
  • Compliment People
  • Dig in the Dirt
  • Get Adjusted
  • Sweat Often
  • Eat Coconut & Avocado (Ha!…. This is my post after all.)
  • Celebrate Nature Daily… All Day Long
  • Hug Your Family
  • Stand on Your Head

There are many, many more but this is just a small sample of how you might find your perfect LENS to view and experience your world through.

Love & Light – Dr. C

What frequency do you see?

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