What the Heck are LemonDroppers?… Coastal Chiropractic Style

So… Some of you guys are wondering what I have been doing with YL Essential Oils….. & what the heck the LemonDroppers are!?!?!? I’m going to share my story… For as long as I can remember my mother has been a huge inspiration to me. She has always taught me that I could and can do ANYTHING that I put my head to & that there are NO LIMITS…. EVER!

Always Radiate LOVE...

Always Radiate LOVE…

When I was a child my mother & I always healed ourselves with natural means…. She taught me how to juice, eat organic, use essential oils, exercise daily, meditate, love, work hard for myself…. She even took me to yoga classes from the age of 2. When she got VERY< VERY < VERY sick with Hodgkin’s she taught me that when you use supportive healthcare, Chiropractic & dietary changes coupled with all the Innate healing powers of the body….. You can and will SURVIVE!!!!…. That was about 35 years ago… & yes she is still alive!……

So needless to say whatever she did… I did…. & still do! She became a Chiropractor, I became a Chiropractor. She works hard for herself, I work hard for my self. She helps people learn about Vitality & how to maximize their existence….. I for sure do that!!!! So when she does something…. I pretty much do it. Why? Because she is my idol, spirit guide, wise, and usually finds some pretty amazing things to add to my life that will help maximize my existence.

So when she found the BioMat… I got one. When she got a cold laser… I got one….When she got a Zapper… I got one. When she found the LemonDroppers… I jumped in that too!

That's a big drop of Lemon :)

That’s a big drop of Lemon 🙂

Say What?!?!??! LemonDroppers?….

Yes, for my whole life we have been using Essential Oils for healing & keeping toxins out of our lives. I have always used what I thought was very high quality essential oils from the health food store. (Now I know that they are a waste of money!) Over the past few years I have wanted to bring Essential Oils into my office to give my friends natural solutions for health and vitality. Well…… I really was not inspired by my choices….. I really loved Young Living’s essential oils….. But their marketing & follow-up education really sucked… BIG TIME! And I loved DoTerra’s marketing but their oils, NOT SO MUCH… & their follow up education was seriously lacking.

So what did I do?…. Called my Mom & whined about my conundrum…… 🙂 She said “You are never going to believe what just came in my office!!! A lemonDropper!” I was like… “What the heck is a LemonDropper?” She continued to explain that…

….. The LemonDroppers are a Team of super cool, FRESH & inspiring Young Living oilers who all are in one woman’s downline. Her name is Lindsey Moreno and she has updated the marketing and helped create an AMAZING platform of education and teamwork within her downline that has literally created an Essential Oil tsunami. Since she created this team the company has grown 165% in about 1.5 years!!!! Can someone say BOOM!!!! The LemonDroppers have done that!…..& anyone who orders from me is automatically a LemonDropper if they want to be 🙂

So I ordered my Premium Starter Kit right there & I jumped in so quick that your head would spin…… What happen next? 

My mother & I have been sharing our love and inspiration of natural living with chiropractic, YL essential oils & all the other amazing things that we can help people with, and our own OIL TSUNAMI has been gathering some serious momentum! She has achieved the rank of GOLD in 4 short months!!!!! & I’m not far behind…  🙂 Because she has taught me that I can do anything!!!!…. & so can you!

My Mom ROCKS!!!!

My Mom ROCKS!!!!

I am so PROUD and INSPIRED by her at every moment & I am really excited to see where this takes us….. & it really is FUN to be able to work with her & play with her everyday!

So that is my story…… Love & Light, Dr. C


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