Dr. C’s Maximizing your Output with Self Care…..Coastal Chiropractic Style

I had an awesome day in the office yesterday… As a chiropractor I am truly blessed to be able to help change people’s lives, and to help change the world with each adjustment. I work on a lot of babies & children. Watching a child laugh and giggle while getting their adjustment is pure NECTAR to my soul. I have been having lots of people come in the office lately who are having great results with Essential Oils & that makes me very happy. I love to know that they have healthy options that work for them at home. Non-toxic options for healthy living is necessary for living a long & vital life. Having natural & healthy options for self care at home is vital for your individual health care empowerment. Self care is one of the most important things that I try to educate about in my office….. Yes, the chiropractic adjustment is a beautiful & powerful event…. But, what are you going to do with the other 23 3/4 hours of your day? How are you going to maximize your life?

How do you keep your family AWESOME?

How do you keep your family AWESOME?

I wanted to give you a short list of some of my necessary self care tools… These are listed in order of importance. 🙂

  1. Chiropractic is my primary healthcare. I get checked once a week to once every two weeks. Nope, I don’t wait till I have symptoms. I maximize my output for brilliance.
  2. Whole Organic & Clean foods is how I rebuild my amazing body. What are you rebuilding your cells with? Did you know that every cell component in your body is replaced within 2 years?…. Dang! That processed food(ish) is not going to cut it for creating an AWESOME REBUILD!!! Check out my Eat well category… There are lots of amazing recipes there.
  3. I THINK WELL… Garbage in garbage out…. Meditation and happy thoughts makes my innate soul shine.
  4. Movement & Sweat…. I love to sweat & I love to challenge my body with new and fun movement patterns. Never stop moving & exploring how much potential you have.
  5. I DRINK LOTS OF PURE WATER…. Have to to rebuild, remove toxins & stay supple!
  6. Massage… I get a hour and a half BioMat massage every two weeks. This is a non negotiable. These appointments are set in stone & all other events in my life fit around my massages. I PLAY HARD… I WORK HARD… I care for my body HARDER 🙂 This is self preservation.
  7. I sleep well… There have certainly been times that I have not slept well. Having children will do that to a gal. When I play harder my body is better at getting into deep sleep patterns. So I find that if I sweat hard at least once a day I have no problems with getting a great night sleep….  I found if I add YL (Young Living) Lavender &/or Rose oil to my pulse points and behind my ears…. I am out for 7-8 hours solid.
  8. I KEEP MY TOXINS TO A BARE MINIMUM… We were never meant to be toxic sludge filters. We were meant to be hunters and gatherers. Due to the industrial revolution our daily lives are inundated with chemical soup…. Cut out the chemical crap!…. Meds, lotions & makeup, processed foods, cleaning products, new furniture(off gassing), the list goes on… & on….. There are natural and CLEAN solutions for all of these PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR CHEMICAL SOUP!

If you have questions about any of these FINE points please ask me…. I love to help!

                 Love & Clean, Vital Living, Dr. C

Now….. How does this thing work?

Now….. How does this thing work?

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