Essential Oil Ningxia (Ninja) Gummies…. Coastal Chiropractic Style

I saw a recipe about how to make healthy gummies & just knew that my girls would LOVE them. So this morning in the middle of getting everyone out of the house, I decided now was the time to make these little bundles of love. That is just how I roll. Of course I cannot follow a recipe for the life of me…. Because I have so many other ideas & always want to tweak recipes for my tastes.
With this recipe I wanted to add some YL Essential Oil Goodness & ROCK IT with some Ninja Juice (Ningxia)…. Because we all can use a boost of AWESOME throughout our day 🙂

How do you make Grass-fed Essential Oil Gummies… Coastal Chiropractic Style

How do you make Grass-fed Essential Oil Gummies?… Coastal Chiropractic Style

Essential Oil Ningxia (Ninja) Gummies

1/2 c water (hot)
1 1/2 cups Ningxia juice & the juice of 1 lemon (Yep! That is the ninja right there!)
2 T maple syrup ( yep! We love Canada 😍) You can use stevia if you want.
3 T Grass-fed gelatin
10 drops each YL Orange, Tangerine & Grapefruit Essential Oils, or any GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Young Living oil that you are loving.

Warm 1/2 c water & disolve the gelatin. Cool for 3 min. Add the lemon juice, Ningxia & maple 🙂 Used a super cute electric whisk to add the gelatin. But if you don’t have one of those make sure to add the gelatin very slowly & whisk well to prevent clumps. Add the Essential Oil of your choice. Pour into silicon molds and chill for 2 hours. I also pour the leftover into a glass fridge container & after chilled cut it into cubes. Be sure to spray the glass for easy removal ❤️

You can use any shape mold… But hearts are always a hit :)

You can use any shape mold… But hearts are always a hit 🙂

I made two different flavors. Pineapple juice & Citrus Fresh oil / Coconut Nectar & Orange oil… They both have Ningxia

Pop out & Share the Love 🙂

Grass-fed gelatin is an amazing source of protein and helps the gut. Be sure to ONLY use Grass-fed!


Love & Ninjas, Dr. C

Get your oils here & message me so I can help you get started.

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