Base body butter for essential oils

I just made this amazing whipped oil awesomeness for my skin… You will flip out when you see how silky & nourishing it is!

Your skin will thank you… all natural DIY skin lotion.

Be sure to whip the base oils together for at least 10-15 minutes then add in the essential oils at the end… This made 4 separate blends for me
-Lavender & Grapefruit (as a gift)

-Sacred Frankincense & Lavender (for my body)

-The Sacred 7 plus Helichrysum (more on that later… but it’s amazing!)

-My Feel Better Blend

This whipped base reminds me of what would happen if marshmallows & clouds had a Love Child …. So I call it my LOVE CHILD BASE

  • 1/4 c coconut oil
  • 1/4c Shea butter
  • 1 tsp coco butter
  • 2 Vit E caps
  • 2 tsp jojoba oil

Melt the first 3 oils in a small pan & chill in freezer till hard… Not frozen. Put in stand mixer & whip on high for 10-15 minutes scraping down lots…. When it comes together add the last 2 ingredients slowly to get emulsified. You can use an ice pack or two on the outside of the bowl to keep it cool if your air temp is too warm …. Seperate into 4 glass containers & add your essential oils ((Get started here))
NOW you have your own Love Child Base Cream…… ENJOY!
Love , C
ps… only use Young Living please… quality always matters ❤️

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2 Responses to Base body butter for essential oils

  1. Doreen Schibbelhute says:

    Thanks for the recipe. If it’s hard how can my stand mixer mix it?

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