Homemade Spoon Butter for your wood spoons & cutting boards

Did you ever even think about how much your wood spoons & cutting boards come in contact with your food? Or how much they need conditioning?!…..Well I cook all the time & until a few years ago I never did. I started making this “Spoon Butter” and my wood spoons literally sing when they see me coming with it. This is how I condition my wood spoons, wood bowls & cutting boards… I do not use mineral oil which a lot of recipes call for. That stuff is just toxic & if you knew where it comes from you would be horrified that many wood conditioning products are made with it.

This spoon butter makes a GREAT gift for your friends who love to cook.

Spoon Butter… Salty Air & Glitter Style

Melt together first 3 … Remove from heat.. Add essential oils… Pour into a few wide mouth small Ball glass jars… Let cool & rub that sweet butter love on your wood spoons, cutting boards & wood bowls.

I like to clean mine first with 1 T sea salt & 6 ish drops of  lemon essential oil drops with using 1/2 of a lemon as a scrubber for the salt mix.

Love & Clean Food, Celeste

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