The Seated Worker’s performance upgrade

We went to the Science museum yesterday. I completely love going to new cities & learning more at the same time… so the Pacific Science Center was just perfect for satisfying both our want of adventure & a little world schooling.

One of the most interesting things that I saw was not actually a permanent exhibit…. it was a 48 hour creation group. They had almost a hundred video game creators geeking out on computers and caffeine. It was fascinating to watch these people as Emerson was working on a few puzzles near this pod of brain activity. It was as if the expansion of thought in the room compelled her to stop and start thinking and problem solving.

As I watched I was brought into the biohacker’s and the chiropractor’s brain…

“On a day to day basis do you observe a relationship between people’s posture and poise and their level of awareness and alertness?”

I was struck with the absolute horrible seated position and direct physical results of this on brain activity…. also the foods that were littered around in the name of giving energy and maximizing human performance were pretty much like giving a Ferrari kerosene to run a race on….

So I sat & watched as Em grew her world 🌎✨…. because that’s how I like to take in information that I can then solve problems with. And I’m a total empath, so it’s almost as if I can see where the bottlenecks of energy are to maximizing their human potential.




-spinal enhancement & function…

-air quality…

-lack of sleep

-mental refreshments


What would I suggest to maximize their human output?…

– A chiropractor or team of them for daily adjustments (sort of like how all pro teams have a few on staff… it’s all about peak performance and neurological perfection … not back pain)

Massive healthy fats & dense nutrients… like a Mindwise/ Ningxia Shot station, a Power smoothie bar & real live foods walked around and placed within easy reach. (The brain is 60% fat and that is replenished every 2 weeks. So much attention should be paid to replenishment.)

Back Vitalizers on every chair when seated and standing desks with balance discs to reintegrate cognitive function as well as reduce mental fatigue with motion.

– Hourly movement breaks lead by yoga, kettlebell & Thai chi teachers.

– Resting rooms with BioMats for deep restoration in quick increments.

Diffusers with Brain Power or Peppermint, Rosemary & Cedarwood (Brain Hacker Blend) placed at all four corners of the room. The sense of smell can create massive changes in brain activity and potential function.

– Breathwork lead by experts in re-oxygenating the brain and body.

Peak performance for the seated & non-seated human is so incredibly important. This is where the biohacker’s brain goes when she gets to sit and observe.

For questions about upgrading your workspace or to order please call 757-422-2260 to schedule a phone consultation.

Sit Better.

Love, C

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