Smoothie obsessed…

I’m a little smoothie obsessed… Have been for decades. I find they are the perfect way for my overactive imagination to not have to sit down and eat breakfast (because that’s so boring & who has time?!!) , but still get incredible amounts of energy for the whole entire day. One of my favorite pastimes in smoothie making is finding really high quality natural products to make them literally like rocket ships of energy for the entire day.

First & foremost if you are making smoothies I feel like getting a bomb blender is pretty much the most important part. I have burnt through probably 10 blenders in my life, and until I got my Vitamix I was pretty much an amateur…. I could have bought one 3 times over while I was saving money getting cheap blenders. Sooooo do yourself a favor get one now & learn from my mistakes.

The other day on a flight reading all the things & I found this new blue algae that lit me up like a supernova. I ordered it from Amazon the second I could. I have been using blue-green algae for years & love how it powers my body. A little known fact about algae is that it is an adaptogen for sunlight (which means it helps your body adapt to & use sun energy better). My body craves it as soon as the sun starts to get higher in the sky in the spring.

I will for sure be adding this incredible dense nutrient to many of my foods & healthy lifestyle hacks that I have developed over the years…. you can follow me on my Instagram @barefootchiro for all my daily health & vitality tips.

All natural blue smoothie with healthy algae

Here is today’s smoothie

I put all that in my Vitamix then put it in a pretty glass & took its picture…. now I am enjoying its delicious and powerful energy ✨✨✨ this would make an incredible smoothie bowl with granola, chia seeds & some edible flowers.

Here is another favorite smoothie recipe of mine.

To get the best prices on the Pure Complete Vanilla Protein & Copaiba essential oil be sure to follow this link & sign up for membership prices. The premium starter kit is the best option & price point. Then all other purchases are at wholesale prices for your entire lifetime.


Yours in continuous improvement , C

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