A tale of two tampons…

Is this tmi?

A tale of two tampons… For real ladies… Have you ever thought about whether organic cotton is important or not?… Did you know that most cotton is grown with pesticides & herbicides…. Did you also know that most cotton is genetically modified 😱😱😱 (do you even know what that means?!?!!!)…. it means they( the evil empire) have spliced mutant genes into a once perfectly good plant & have now created a plant that creates its own insecticides…. So what was once a sweet little cotton plant is now a self generating Deathstar😳 …. your tampons are made with that cotton….& you put that tampon WHERE?!?! ….. ewwwwwwwwwww….. our vaginal walls are extremely…. I mean EXTREMELY GOOD at absorbing….

This is pretty much one thing that even the most crunchy mama on the block sometimes overlooks…. sooooo… please just start looking❤️  for the love of organic cotton & all good things …. please get tampons made with organic cotton❤️

(Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a soil bacterium that produces insecticidal toxins. Genes from Bt can be inserted into crop plants to make them capable of producing an insecticidal toxin and therefore resistant to certain pest.)

amp; all things good,  Celeste

Anyone who wants to get a box on me …. Lola is where I get mine… use my code: cmclean5 

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