When you do things matters… finding your perfect energy cycle

I’m reading this great book called When by Daniel Pink. It was the suggested book from a book club that Megan Hogan at The Annex in Virginia Beach holds every month. I literally picked it up the day of the meeting and once I started it I was intrigued. It’s actually pretty fascinating because it talks about timing and explains energy cycles in humans during the day.

Grab it on Audible HERE

I’ve always been an early riser & once I’m awake I can work in a super creative space for about four hours. If I’m uninterrupted (sometimes it actually happens lol)…. I can mine my subconscious for all sorts of good ideas & get really inspired thoughts out of my brain…. sewing, making graphics, writing, masterminding business strategies, making DIY things, cooking.. all of these things come easily to me during my morning brain spazz sessions.

But then I have a crash. Where I just hit a wall and usually will eat and then lay on the BioMat. Sometimes I’ll read or often I will take a nap. I never realized that this was a natural energy cycle I just kinda listened to my body and went with its needs. The book calls it a “trough”… I call it the don’t mess with me time. It is the time that I recharge and then …

At about 4 I’m totally energized until about 9. This is my second wind where I find I’m really good at more social interactions and service mindset work. If you are a patient in my office you will notice that this is when I come back in after lunch…After about nine my brain switches off. If you try to talk to me about anything other than fluffy stuff it will be wasted time.

Who else is an early riser? aka…Lark

Who is a night owl? Have you been listening to your own body’s energy cycles or have you been trying to match everyone around you? What would happen if everyone in the world worked only in their sweet spots?

These are the questions that I ask myself…

Love, C

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