Unicorn Electrolyte Lemonade

One of my favorite things to add to my nutrients during the summer is blue-green algae. I add it to smoothies, water and pretty much anything I want to be a beautiful shade of green or blue. There are so many things that algae can do for a body. It is a known adaptation that helps the body deal with excess sun. It contains 64 known vitamins and minerals. A quick search of blue-green algae pulled up so many positive health benefits. Here are just a few….

1. High in Protein

2. Retards Aging

3. Boosts Immunity

4. Regulates Mood

5. Fights Cancer

6. Rich in Omega-3

7. Reduces Blood Glucose Levels

8. Packed with Vitamins

9. Elevates Energy Levels

10. Lowers Blood Pressure

11. Improves Strength and Endurance

I wanted to share one of my favorite quick hydration and energy boost recipes.

Unicorn Electrolyte Lemonade

1/2 to 1 juiced lemon

1/16- 1/8 tsp Blue Majik algae

1 small squirt lavender lemon Vitality Drops ( grab yours here)

16 oz filtered water

Shake and enjoy.

Love, Celeste

ps…. Let me know what you think….. if you take any pics please tag me so I can see them. ❤️

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