Zucchini pie

Seriously this zucchini pie is so freaking good!…. I had a friend tell me she was making this yesterday and I went right to the store for some organic zucchini. When I got home last night I made it after my day in the office. Late dinners are my favorite.
Here is the recipe which I changed a bit to make it gf and use some more of those super local eggs.

3+ cups grated zucchini (mine was probably closer to 4 cups)
1 cup gf flour (we used cup 4 cup)
4 eggs
1-2 cups grated provolone
3-4 T parm… more for top
1 tsp baking powder
1 chopped small onion
1/8 c avo oil (or cooking oil)
1 tsp him salt
Bit of fresh cracked pepper
2 tsp chopped basil
Put all ingredients in a bowl and give it a good stir…. top with parm & bake at 350’ in a greased pie dish for 45-55 min
Tell me how you like it ❤️🌱
Cook more… & hug your family

Love, C

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