Sun Shine tea

I’ve been making this really special tea lately. It sometimes reminds me of Son-shine because of all the frankincense resin in both the Slique tea and on the bottom. Your body will thank you for the high vibes that course through your days.

Sun-Shine tea

  • 2 Slique tea bags (grab & hoard)
  • 1 Cistus incanthus tea bag (mine is loose leaf here is a tea infuser)
  • 3 pieces of frankincense resin (this is where I get mine & it is not labeled for internal use….. buuuuut…..)
  • Scant pinch Himalayan salt
  • Reverse osmosis water (or your favorite filtered water) Side note RO water removes chlorines, chloramines, and pharmaceutical residue from your water. This is very important, especially now.

Add 3 pieces of frankincense resin to empty heat resistant carafe . Heat reverse osmosis water to 190′ (the favorite temp for oolong tea which is the Slique tea base. I’m a total brat for perfect temperature water so I have this teapot.). Pour water over resin. Add tea bags. Steep. Add scant pinch of Himalayan salt. (This is a very powerful step. Very energetic and also adds electrolytes) Remove and compost tea bags. Add crystal water wand and stir both clockwise and counterclockwise. Drink throughout the day. I often will chew on the resin like gum at the end. It’s unique and satisfying, also look up what it can do for a body.

I like to add mine to my Ningxia Arnold Palmers. I also enjoy adding a slightly crushed peppermint leaf and perfect crushed ice for a completely cosmic cup of nourishing goodness.

Tell me what you think.

Love, C

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