4 week old infant LightForce Chiropractic adjustment

Perfect balance takes consistent practice.

Many people think that chiropractic is helpful for back pain only. What they misunderstand is that chiropractors work on the whole nervous system not just the 10 percent that relays sensory or pain messages.

So why do you think an infant should get its spine checked for subluxations?

Many babies receive their first subluxations during the birthing process. Modern medical procedures such as the cesarean section, forceps, and induced deliveries put unnatural strains on an infant’s delicate body. Throughout the ordeal, the tiny spine is twisted, tugged and stretched. The result is subluxations. These subluxations cause various symptoms in a newborn. Symptoms from colic, torticollis to reflux often resolve themselves rapidly when chiropractic adjustments are preformed on the young child’s spine.

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