Support Your Local Farmers

So for breakfast this morning I had eggs from our chickens, okra from our next door neighbor, and the most beautiful figs from a patient’s yard. All of these amazing and vital foods came from very local sources of nourishment. I just wanted to remind everyone how lucky we are to have access to fresh, organic and local food sources. There was a quote in the paper today that put some real numbers to the thought of eating local.

Eat organic, local and vital foods.

“If every area household spent just $10 a week on local foods, it would generate $384.2 million annually in southeast Virginia and $1.65 billion statewide.”

Talk about supporting your community! These numbers shocked me, and our household spends way more locally than just$10 a week. So the next time you spend your hard earned money on nourishment, make it good, clean, local food.

You Are What You Eat – Love & LightForce, Dr. C

Figs are nature's most perfect food.

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