Is Your Visible Body More Important?

I was recently given a great book by a friend, Folks, this ain’t normal by Joel Salatin. For those of you who know, Salatin is one of the originators of the pasture managed system of raising happy, healthy and cared for livestock. He is inspiring to many people for different reasons. Some want to farm as he does. Some are given hope that there is a kind and loving way to raise food. And some are just plain happy to be able to get meats that have not been tortured by the industrial food system. I happen to fall into all of these categories and I’m sure many, many more.

Good dirt is hard to find!

So back to reading this book. His quote “Each one of us, whether we like it or not, is utterly and completely dependent on an unseen community, an invisible world. We pamper and primp to make the visible body more appealing, but what are we doing to beautify our unseen world?” really hit home. As a chiropractor this is the most important issue that I face. All the people who reach out to me for help, are usually far more concerned with their visible body. It is the functions of the internal body that are non visable and vital that make the human form. Am I too fat or too thin? Does this car make me look cool? Can you get rid of my back pain? REALLY?…. This is all that you are concerned with?!?!

We as chiropractors reconnect man the physical with man the spiritual. This is a truly profound and sacred act. Can your mood meds do that? Nope! Do you know what this means? This means that when you are well adjusted by a great Chiropractor, your innate healer ( Whatever you might call it) is then able to send all of the messages along the nerve pathways to not only make you more beautiful on the outside, but also more beautiful on the inside. This means proper function of internal organs, higher immune function, less pains in the physical body, and about a few trillion other finely orchestrated body functions.

So, is your visible body more important? How about your children? How about your loved ones? When you recognize the grace and ultimate beauty in a properly functioning human body, you will then know what it is to be perfectly innately guided!

Oh,  how wonderful it is to be able to get all of that from such a simple quote. The human brain is such a gift!

Love & Light – Dr. C

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