I Love a Starry Sky

So I jumped on my yoga mat today to find my bliss and what do you think that I found? My yoga mat had been transformed into a beautiful starry sky. Yes, Hannah has been glittering, and that is what happens when you leave your yoga mat out. I was so happy to share my practice with an explosion of glitter that every time that I looked back at my mat it made me smile. That is yet another way to find joy in the smallest of things. (glitter that is)

Find your bliss... with glitter

I have been pretty dedicated to my daily practice since I have been home with the baby and the caliber of teachers at www.YogaGlo.com is amazing. If you have ever considered a home yoga practice this is the site for you. I do think however that it is a very good idea to have a local teacher so that you may ask questions or ask for help when you need it.

If you are new to any form of movement please always take it slow. Remember that you are in no rush to get anywhere. You will be in your body for your whole life. When you explore and play with the infinite potential of your range you will always surprise yourself.

However you find your bliss make sure that you always notice the glitter.

Love & Glitter – Dr. C

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