Who’s Responsibility is It?

Who’s responsibility is your health?… Ummmm…. Yours

Joel Salatin is a wise man… In his book Folks, this ain’t normal, He does a great job of explaining why it is so important to take an active role in your health choices.

” Our culture still worships at the altar of the germ theory. I can prove it because we’re much more interested in figuring how to give free heavy metal-laden swine flu vaccinations to our little kiddos instead of ripping out high-fructose corn syrup vending machines from all the schools…. I think it’s much more beneficial to take responsibility for the problem. The learning that happens when we look at the mess and assume it’s our fault enables us to grow as individuals, to listen to what life is trying to teach us. To assume these animals (you) are getting sick because some disease fairies sprinkled foo-foo dust on them may sound nice for a while, but ultimately we don’t become better people with that attitude. Instruction comes when we humbly ask, “What did I do to make this happen?”At that point, our eyes and ears – indeed, our minds – open and we can  hear things others may not hear, and see things others may not see. The others are too busy blaming something or picking up something in a bottle to remedy the problem.”

What foods do you chose to light up your body?

For many years I have watched people make really bad choices regarding their health. Be it smoking, eating lots of crap, not exercising… bla… bla… bla… And then when they become sick, fat and unhealthy… Then they try to find a disease fairy to blame for their health misfortunes, like bad genes or the like. Next they try to take slacker steps to remedy their health woes. Something as simple as dosing themselves up with vitamin C, after they already have a cold is one simple example. Or a drastic example is a knee/hip replacement after years of running on hard pavements with misaligned knees or hips.

So what is it about the human experience that makes us be reactionary as opposed to proactive? Part of my goal in writing this is to get you thinking….. What can I do today that will help me live a more full, happy and healthy life tomorrow? Start with something simple. Like eat an organic and local veggie. Take a walk outside. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Smile at a stranger. Get adjusted. Small changes in your habits can create huge impacts in your well being. Don’t be a slacker.

Simple acts of conscious living will make your life more rewarding

                                         Love & LightForce – Dr. C

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