A Bio What?!?!?!

A few years ago I was introduced to the joys of a BioMat by my mother. She is always the adventurous one. One day she told me that she was soooo excited that she finally found a distributor of a BioMat!?!? I was like “A what?” So she explained what it was and I thought that she was just a bit silly. But she was really excited about getting this 45 pound mat of amethyst crystals……. OK……

Always be open to new and wonderful experiences.

So she orders it and is practically jumping up and down about it coming. The UPS man probably saw her following him down the road. Of course I had to go try this thing that she was so hot for. So I went over to her house on a beautiful day and laid on the BioMat for the first time. Do you know what I experienced? BLISS…. Pure and simple!

I immediately noticed my breath change, my head clear and my body relax in a way that can only be described as beautiful grace. I found myself looking out the window in a perfectly zenned out headspace, that would normally take me hours of yoga or gardening or rollerblading or many other meditative pursuits to achieve. I found this beautiful space of grace by simply resting on this far-infrared amethyst mat……. WOW!

My next thought was how fast can I get one of these? Yep, I ordered mine that day and I even fast shipped it!!! I then was stalking the UPS man with great anticipation. Ha!!! The UPS man has got to recognize the box by now and wonder what on earth is in it to create such a sense of wild anticipation.

So then I brought it into my office, started getting massages on it, pretty much just spent as much time on it as I could. Do you know what I noticed? My energy got clearer. I was happier. I was more relaxed. I was nicer. Strangers respond to me differently. My sleep was better. My skin looked and felt younger. All sorts of wonderful healthy changes!

My friends started to notice these changes. Many of them have also gotten BioMats and their health and vitality has improved and changed in ways that are wonderful and perfect for their bodies.

How do you find balance?

So pretty much the BioMat has been a perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle. And it is even a far-infrared sauna when I turn it up into the higher heats! Super cool and I don’t even have to remodel my house to fit it in. I just roll it out and BLISS-OUT!!!

Try it I think that you will like it!

                       Love & BioBliss – Dr. C

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4 Responses to A Bio What?!?!?!

  1. Mom says:

    I totally LOVE my BioMat! Two for the house, one for the office two in the waiting room and one in Maui! Total vibrating Bliss!

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