The Profound Implications of The Adjustment

The profound implications of the Chiropractic adjustment constantly excites me. I was speaking to a man the other day and he asked what I do. I told him that I was a Chiropractor. He, as many people do, reached to his spine and said “Oh yea I need to see a Chiropractor.”

The neat thing about this interaction was far more profound than what first meets the eye. You see, he was, as is the majority of the public is, thinking that his bla, bla, back pain could be helped by a Chiropractic adjustment. And as most Chiropractors educate the public, yes, often back pain is relieved by Chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic is pretty handy (pun intended) at many painful conditions of the human frame. But that is not what I do.

No, ladies and gentlemen I am not a glorified aspirin or back pain fixer.

As I spoke to this man I explained to him what I do. I let him know that I work on the nerve system of the body. I also let him know that only about 10% of that system can feel pain or anything for that matter. I asked him what he thinks the other 90% of his nervous system does….. He gave me a blank stare…. This is where I believe the public deserves to be enlightened. And by ENLIGHTENED I do mean light up!

I love my job...

I, as a Chiropractor clear the nerve channels for expression of the individuals perfection. When the Chiropractic adjustment is performed something so profound and so wonderful happens. The person becomes more close to their genetic potential. They come closer to their perfect expression of God within. When the subluxations of the body are reduced the full expression of the spirit is clear to perform its magic. This is what I do as a Chiropractor.

Yes, I did say that this was going to be profound…

After I explained this to the man he said one thing to me. He said no one had ever told him that Chiropractic was about the SPIRIT. And that ladies and gentlemen is what I believe we need to let the public know. Then when I tell someone that I am a Chiropractor they will then say. “Oh great , can you help me express more of my God-given perfection? Please.”

Love & LightForce – Dr. C

What does your perfect expression of Spirit look like?

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