The Gyroscope of You

This thought came through my head the other day while I was practicing yoga. How the

How do you express yourself?

human spirit creates a sort of gyroscope of its own sort when it comes to activities and thoughts. It creates a continuous force all its own that compels the being (you and I) to continue whatever good (or bad) sort of expression of being. I know this may seem a bit far out but bear with me for a moment.

Lets take joyful movement for example. When a body is used to moving a certain way

your cells almost compel you to continue to move and expand that way. When the body does not express that full expansion of breath, muscle contraction and  gyroscopic goodness, the spirit is then not at peace. Then you may notice that your internal gyroscope of sorts is almost forcing you to move and expand at the preferred rate……….. Some people call these habits. I like to imagine a whirling source of energy that constantly gives to itself more and more energy, therefore creating a source of more and more energy. Just like how your body feels when it is in a positive movement or energy cycle.

This same premise also applies to positive food choices, exercising your brain,spending time with positive people, and filling your mind with positive thoughts. Have you ever noticed how when you just think happy, happy just rolls off of you in waves? Almost as if you are creating your own juicy gyroscope that puts off its own gravitational field.

I told you that this was a bit far out. But that is part of the continuous cool stuff that comes out of my brain when I honor my own happy, active, well fed, well-adjusted little gyroscope!

Love & Perpetual Health – Dr. C

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