Essential Movements…..?

So we all know what the word essential means… Right? Essential is absolutely necessary or extremely important.

And we all know what movement is… Right? Movement is an act of changing physical location or position. 

So if you pair those two words together you get – an act of changing physical position that is absolutely necessary.

Just like breathing or eating, movement is just as important to the human experience. This is something that many people in our society don’t seem to understand or may have a hard time fitting into their life. Yet when you spend even 10-20 minutes a day on Essential Movements everything else just seems, and is better. These essential movements are basically the movements that our fore bearers had to do to ensure their survival. And, no sitting is not one of them. Ha!

What are these Essential Movements? What do they do for you? How does that make you better in the long run? Do you really have 10 – 20 min. to spend on yourself everyday?

What are they? 

  1. Squatting – Anything from sitting on a chair over and over to a full and continuous squat low where your knees are over your feet and your bottom is way out in the back.
  2. Horizontal Pressing – Push ups or any modification of a plank position.
  3. Vertical Pulling – Pull ups or any assisted modification of pull ups or chin ups.
  4. Climbing – When is the last time that you tried to do the monkey bars? Or climb a tree? Stairs will work for most of us.

What do they do for me?

Essential movements strengthen your body so that it may adapt to all of its various stressors. As a chiropractor, I see many people who want a quick fix, but have no muscular strength to hold their new and better patterns. This is one of the reasons that fixing the problem may take some time. With very simple movements anyone can create strength and balance in their body. This strength will support your new alignment and better structure.

How does that make you better in the long run?

When your body is strengthened in the manner that it is intended to be, you can then adapt. Adaptation is the key to longevity. Living a long, highly mobile and healthy life is our gift to ourselves. Something as simple as a squat can start that adaptation. So get squatting.

Do you really have 10-20 minutes a day?

Yes! There are 1,440 minutes in a day if you spend 20 on Essential Movement you then have 1,420 left for whatever else.

Do you know how to move?

My own Essential Movements are satisfied by my daily yoga practice. Sometimes my practice is 10 minutes and sometimes it is way more. But what it helps me do is ADAPT. And adaptation is the key to my continuous and wonderful evolution.

I am loving this Primal Blog and I think that you will too. Watch the videos and Mark Sisson will show you how to progressively build essential strength!

I am also loving Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park. Their book and series of videos will really get you in your body and help to strengthen all your essential stabilizing muscles. This video is challenging and a bit advanced, but they have many more at all levels.

Love & Continuous Evolution – Dr. C

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