The Epicenter of Greatness

Often when I am quiet enough to hear myself I find flashes of thought that inspire my soul. I find this quiet time in nature, movement, meditation and just about any place where I can just BE for a moment.

The gift that is chiropractic was at the forefront of my mind the other day. The ability to take part in and witness the chiropractic adjustment is kin to a sacrament. To witness the quickening of the infinite electrical potential that is a persons birthright be released into their body is nothing short of Greatness. ( Mmmmm…. Deep Thought!)

When a child or adult is adjusted, their infinite potential is realized through their nervous system. Does their asthma get better? Yes. Does their behavior become more balanced? Yes. Does any one of countless symptoms or ailments change and just seem to go away? Yes. Is this why I adjust the spine for subluxations? No.

I am not a symptom chaser, there are plenty of them out there. I am a Greatness chaser. What is so often misunderstood about chiropractic is that the chiropractic adjustment does not only make your body feel better. The chiropractic adjustment allows your body, mind and soul to realize it’s Epicenter of Greatness.

The chiropractic adjustment removes interference with conduction of electrical impulses between the brain and the body.

  • When the electrical impulse is reconnected to the muscles they perform better.
  • When the electrical impulse is reconnected to the organs they have more capacity.
  • When the electrical impulse is reconnected to the glands they regulate with perfect ease.
  • When this symphony of reconnection is realized by the human form Greatness is allowed to manifest.

That Greatness is you! That Greatness is your birthright. That Greatness is not merely the absence of symptoms. That Greatness is your body, mind and soul singing its life song. That Greatness is why you are here now. That Greatness is your gift.

That is what I am so grateful and honored to witness every chiropractic adjustment that I can!

You Inspire Me- Love, Dr. C

What inspires you to spring to life?

What inspires you to spring to life?


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