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So for many years now I have not been reading the paper. This morning however I walked by it and was drawn in by the headline… That dolphins were dying in record numbers….
Yep! Buzzkill…. So I stopped reading… Ha! I showed those paper people who was BOSS. Then I went to my dune to do yoga & meditate. Then went to the beach to play in the surf and sand with the girls.

Love those beautiful feet in the sand...

Love those beautiful feet in the sand…

But I found myself praying for those poor dolphins… Yes my heart went out to the beautiful beings that I so enjoy watching as they frolic in our local waters. I do not know what happened to their earthy bodies but I am pretty sure that it was somehow caused by man & their penchant for polluting the environment.
So then another thought came to mind. What if these were humans? We would be outraged!!!!!! But guess what, just because they are not does not mean that it is not happening on a massive scale due to environmental pollutants, medical mistakes processed foods , crop spraying, over medicating and many other forms of pollution. Did you know that 2 jumbo jets of people die every 1-3 days from PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICINE?!?!….(Not so proper!) If they were washing up we would be aghast!

I know…I know… Usually I am a bit more positive…… LIKE WAY MORE!

But my point is… Please stop doing this to our world, our animals and ourselves.

  • Eat Clean Foods
  • Pick UP Your Garbage (Yes, even your cigarette butts!)
  • Better Yet…Quit Smoking 🙂
  • Buy Organic….Always!
  • Don’t poison your lawns or your bodies(Round-Up & Gatorade)
  • Smile at strangers 🙂
  • Know that YOU are an ecosystem
  • & so is your environment…SO SMARTEN UP!

            Love & Compost, Dr. C

How much cuteness can you stand?

How much cuteness can you stand?

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